Sunday, 10 April 2011

Work progressing on Anderson / Rabin / Wakeman project

Rick Wakeman has confirmed via his website, RWCC, that plans for a project between Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman are definitely going ahead.

Here's a quote from Wakeman's site:

Wayne has mentioned to me that he received a lot of e-mails to the site displaying their displeasure at the news that the proposed project with Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson was not going ahead. I must admit I threw my head in my hands when he told me as it is, to the very best of my knowledge and certainly Jon’s as well, total rubbish.

There are some not very nice people out there who like to stir things up, and believe it or not, we know who some of them are. They are the equivalent to people who start computer viruses and I have no time for them. I have always said that if you hear a rumour, log into this site, and if it’s confirmed here, then it’s true. If it isn’t, then treat it as a rumour started by somebody who thinks they know something, but actually don’t!

Just two days ago I received some music from Jon for the Trevor, Jon and Rick project, and it’s tremendous. I’ve also sent some stuff to both the guys as well, so unless there really is something I don’t know, then all is progressing really well.
-Rick Wakeman

So there you go peeps, a Yes album in July and an Anderson/Rabin/Wakeman album in the works.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yes press release for new album "Fly From Here". "Drama 2"?

So, as I've mentioned here before, Yes' new album, Fly From Here, is to be released in the summer. Here is the press release from, this was not written by QoQuaq so is a biased article.

World's Greatest Prog Rock Band & Grammy Award Winners
YES Announce:

TREVOR HORN To Produce New Album
To Release on Frontiers Records July 2011

The world's most quintessential Prog Rock band YES, announces today their highly anticipated new album FLY FROM HERE. This marks the first album in ten years with legendary, 2-time Grammy Award winning producer, Trevor Horn.

Horn and YES bassist Chris Squire re-discovered the track "Fly From Here" which has never been recorded as a studio track. “Chris and I were talking one evening about a song ‘Fly From Here’ that we never recorded,” explains Trevor Horn. “I said I was prepared to spend two weeks with ‘YES’ recording that song. When I arrived in America to record it, I was taken prisoner by the band and only allowed my freedom again in return for producing the whole album. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse!”

FLY FROM HERE encompasses YES’ signature brand of mysticism and grand-scale compositions. Maintaining a complex, symphonic sound that features the beautiful harmonies and strong heavy riffs they are known for. “The new album represents the best of YES from the 70s and the 80's with a current twist,” states Squire.

YES are the pioneers for the use of synthesizers and sound effects in modern music, which produced such timeless, symphonic-rock masterworks as "Roundabout", "Close To the Edge" and "Awaken". YES continued to push the cutting edge of art-rock music to their limits, selling over 30 million albums, reaching platinum status multiple times worldwide.

YES’ powerful mainstream progressive compositions have influenced a generation of musicians with a hugely successful and indelible catalogue of music with hit albums such as DRAMA, FRAGILE, CLOSE TO THE EDGE and 90125. Classics such as “Roundabout,” a seminal hit which consistently appears on “the best songs of all-time” lists, and the group’s #1 hit “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” which Horn is responsible for. Taken from the YES album 90125, this single would form part of a unique double, which would see YES and Horn top both the UK and US charts simultaneously.

FLY FROM HERE will be released on Frontiers Records July 2011. More details about the album, its packaging and YES’ live plans for the rest of the year will become available shortly.

Yes are also touring with their Rite of Spring tour, but are not performing any of the songs from the new album until the Autumn '11.

The currently known musicians performing on the album are:
Benoit David (vocals)
Steve Howe (guitars)
Chris Squire (bass)
Alan White (drums)
Oliver Wakeman (keyboards)
Geoff Downes (keyboards)
Trevor Horn (vocals)

More news will be added to the blog as it is received and, of course, a review in July!